Why does everyone need a horizontal mag pouch?

Ricky Taggart

The benefits of a horizontal magazine pouch

Spare magazines have been carried in a variety of different magazine pouches for as long as conceal carry enthusiasts have been protecting themselves with the second ammendment. The types of magazine carriers are endless from just throwing a spare magazine in a front pocket or back pocket. Other types of carry include pocket carry type holders, nylon pouches, kydex magazine carriers in both the vertical and horizontal methods. There are a myriad of other options out there that many different people have been utilizing to carry their spare magazine. However it wasn't until early 2012 when Mark Houskeeper wanted to solve the problem that most of those spare mag pouches were creating. They were uncomtortable, they were slow, and they were not very concealable depending on the style. 

spare mag pouch

The horizontal method of carrying a spare magazine is a no brainer when it comes to comfort. I don't know how many times we hear back from new customers that say they wished they had found us years ago and how the idea is ingenius. However it's not just the orientation that makes Magholder unique and special, but it's the entire design itself. From focusing on the retention first, this was critical. Other spare mag pouches always struggled to retain a magazine, the nylon pouches often times will become stretched out over time and risk letting a magazine fall out. Then you have the kydex version that essentially run the same risk, the tension is usually controlled by screws which can be tightened or loosened depending on the magazine model, or desired retention. Essentially Kydex runs the same risk as a nylon mag pouch does in letting a magazine fall out, or possibly even worse, it is too tight when you need to retrieve the magazine and you are unable to do it quickly. 

Magholder spare mag pouch retention superiority

There is no question that Magholder has dominated the spare mag pouch when it comes to retention. We do not employ any universal methods to retain a pistol magazine. Every Magholder is about as close to an "exact fit" as we can make it. Every Magholder that is shipped out of our shop has the specific magazine inserted multiple times to ensure that not only does it insert properly, retain properly, but can be retrieved properly. For just about every Magholder we ship out, there is some slight or large customization that is required to achieve the perfect retention. Although one could argue this slows us down and costs us money in the time and effort we take, we will never abandon these methods as we want to continue the legacy that Mark started over a decade ago of providing the best spare mag pouch one can buy. 

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