1911 Mag Pouch

Ricky Taggart

The 1911 Mag Pouch is an option that Magholder has had from the beginning. This mag carrier for the 1911 fits all magazines that are of the 1911 model. Both the 9mm and .45acp caliber pistol models will fit into the Magholder for 1911. Recently the Magholder can now fit the 1911 .380acp magazine as we have had an increase in customers reaching out asking about that magazine. 

1911 magholder

Magholder 1911 mag pouch

If you are part of the elite 1911 owners and conceal carry enthusiasts then you certainly are one that would want a mag pouch for your 1911. The standard single stack 1911 magazine fits roughly 7 rounds. The whole idea behind a mag pouch is to give the conceal carry person an extra magazine in case the original magazine is not enough rounds, or there is a pistol malfunction. In the case of the extra magazine for additional rounds, the 7-round 1911 magazine is certainly a worthy option because of it's small capacity. Some of the newer micro pistols have the double stack magazine capacity which gives them a higher capacity of 10+. Therefore, a mag pouch is extremely necessary for all 1911 owners, the horizontal method is certainly preferred among 1911 conceal carry users due to comfort, speed and concealed nature of the Magholder mag pouch for the 1911 magazines. 

Why horizontal 1911 mag pouch?

Horizontal is the preferred and ideal method primarily due to the comfort design of the Magholder. Horizontal prevents the magazine from poking into your side, whether or not you have some extra baggage around your midsection, a vertical mag pouch can be extremely comfortable when you are sitting for short or long periods of time. But also if you bend over at all a vertical mag pouch can poke in your stomach or side and be extremely uncomfortable. With the horizontal carry method does not poke and practically disappears on your side to where you might even forget it is on your belt. Nothing better then that. 

Horizontal blends in with your belt more then a vertical mag pouch. We get the occasional comment about how our horizontal mag pouch is not "concealed" because it is not hidden. This comment is easy to counter with the camouflage argument. In the hunting industry, camo allows you to blend in with your surroundings. You might be back in some trees or you might be on a hillside trying to sneak towards whatever you are hunting. The Magholder does the same thing, it blends into your belt, or if it is covered with a shirt, it prints much less then a vertical magazine carrier. 

When needing to reload with your 1911 magazine, the vertical method is not fast or natural in any way, even if it is slanted forwards. You need more motions and time to retreive your magazine, reverse direction, and to then insert the magazine into your pistol. With the horizontal mag pouch from Magholder, all you need to do is throw your hand back, grab the magazine on your way back, then a single direction reverse before inserting your magazine into your pistol. In our testing we have seen a 33% increase in overall time to reload your pistol when comparing horizontal to vertical. 

1911 Double mag pouch

Newly launched is the Double Magholder Carrier, although its not a double mag pouch itself, it allows you to use two of your Magholders on the carrier to then have 2 magazines versus just the one. And it allows you to use the Magholders in the horizontal method that you have been training on and have muscle memory already. You can then remove the single Magholders from the Double Magholder Carrier and use them by themselves. This not only will save you money, but allows you to be more versatile depending upon your conceal carry needs. 

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