Magholder - Horizontal Magazine Carrier

The Magholder has been designed where a horizontal angle is preferred such as in sitting positions like at your desk or in your car. The Magholder is the premium option to keep your spare magazine on your belt and not bouncing around in your pocket. Traditional vertical magazine carriers are clunky, provide slow reload scenarios, and can be uncomfortable when bending over or sitting down.

The Horizontal magazine holster provides:

  • The fastest and easiest reload available on the market
  • Durable design
  • High temperature and high impact nylon
  • Easiest pistol magazine carrier to conceal along your belt
  • Stays secure in place on your belt and doesn't slide when removing the magazine

The evolution of Magholder

The Magholder was first imagined and developed over 10 years ago, and over time has continued to be improved and fine tuned. The horizontal magazine pouch has become the carry method of choice due to its ease of concealing along the belt as well as the removal of having a magazine poke into your stomach or side whenever you would bend over or sit down. 

The founder and creator of Magholder, Mark Houskeeper has developed the Magholder horizontal magazine holster into a powerhouse brand among people intent upon concealing and being prepared with an additional pistol magazine.