Magholder was conceptualized due to a few problems the founder, Mark Houskeeper, was trying to solve. The first was needing a mag holster that was part of a concealed carry group of holsters. The second was keeping the magazine from poking into the stomach or side when the person is in a sitting position, or is bending over.

Concealed Carry Holster

There are many great vertical mag carriers on the market. The problem is these mag carriers do not fit into the concealed carry family very well due to them sticking out and being easily visible. If you are in a situation that you would prefer to conceal carry or at least keep your magazine less visible by those around you, then the Magholder needs to be in your EDC.

Comfort first

The Magholder is extremely more comfortable for an all day type of carry. Making sure your magazine doesn't poke into your stomach or side means an easier all day type of carry when you use Magholder. The design of the Magholder keeps the Magholder securely on your belt, without any movement throughout the day.

Natural Reloading

Trying to reload with a vertical mag pouch is certainly possible and done my many in the shooting industry today. However when you consider the motions taken to remove your spare magazine from your vertical mag pouch, you actually have to change the motion your hand or arm is making to remove the magazine, to then change directions again to insert the new magazine. With the horizontal mag pouch with Magholder, your hand is already moving towards your side to the back, so it is a swift motion to remove the spare magazine, before changing directions again as you go to insert the new magazine. So instead of a few different changes in direction with a vertical magazine holster, you have just the 2 motions with Magholder. From a sitting position, this is ideal. Trying to reload with a vertical mag pouch in the sitting position is near impossible without adjusting your weight and moving around to get the magazine out and reloaded into your pistol. With Magholder, you can put the mag holster on your strong side, and do a cross draw with your weak hand, to easily reload your pistol in any situation you find yourself in needing a spare magazine.

Bonus Feature: Faster reload

The horizontal magholder gives you a 33% increase in reloading speed. Check out our Youtube video here demonstrating the time differences. Going from a vertical mag pouch to a horizontal mag pouch with Magholder you go from 3 seconds down to 2 seconds. That might seem small, but in a real world situation where life and death could be on the line, time is everything and getting a spare magazine reloaded to fix a gun jam or to reload, Magholder gets you back in business quicker then anyone else in the industry.

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