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Double mag pouch

What's better than one Magholder? Two Magholders! The request has come in time and time again from customers wanting to carry two spare magazines in the horizontal orientation. We wanted to allow our customers to use the Magholder they had already purchased and be able to remove those same horizontal magazine pouches if they wanted to swith them out for other pistol magazines. 

What do you need for the Double Magholder Carrier?

  1. Purchase the Double Magholder Carrier
  2. Purchase a quantity of 2 Magholders for your specific pistol model
  3. A sturdy EDC belt

And that's it! The 2 Magholders slide onto the carrier with ease, and can be removed and switched out for different Magholder models for your different pistols, or you can use the Magholders individually by themselves on your belt. 

Convertible double mag pouch

The Double Magholder Carrier by Magholder is constructed from HDPE and utilizes two belt clips commonly used with holsters. This allows for the Double Magholder Carrier to be placed on a belt, or removed without removing your belt. It is also designed to allow for it to be worn anywhere on your belt, whether the right side, left side, appendix or in another location.

    • Does NOT include Magholder mag pouches, those are sold separately
    • HDPE construction
    • Fits on 1 3/4" Belts

    We ship all orders within 1-2 business days. Currently we ship using the United States Postal Service. If you need us to use another shipping service please reach out to us and let us know once you place your order. All Magholders are shipped in a padded envelope that protects the product during shipping.

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