The Pros and Cons of Plastic vs. Nylon Horizontal Magazine Pouches

Ricky Taggart

Plastic mag pouch

The Magholder plastic blend is proprietary and confidential. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money into developing the current blend we are using that makes our Magholder extremely durable and reliable. The plastic injected design that we use allows for mass production of our Magholder, while still allowing for small modifications. These modifications allow us to cover a wide range of pistol models for our horizontal magazine carrier. 

The retention on a plastic injected magazine carrier is exact, evey mag pouch that Magholder ships out is tested and ensured that the pistol magazine not only can be inserted and removed easily and quickly, but also that the retention is enough to securely keep the magazine fastened so that it won't fall out. 

Nylon mag pouch

A nylon mag pouch is intended to be universal that would allow you to use the same mag pouch for every pistol you own. The advantage this has is 2 fold, you only need one mag pouch as you switch different EDC pistols or as you buy new pistols. The other advantage would be as you train to reload with this mag pouch, your muscle memory should be concise enough as you are grabbing the magazine from the exact mag pouch from the exact same location on your belt. The other advantage a Nylon mag pouch might advertise would be the cheaper price point. 

The biggest disadvantage the nylon mag pouch would have is the retention. Not only is it not very tight to begin with, due to the nylon needing to be able to accomodate a large amount of pistol models, but the nylon magazine carriers also stretch out over time to where the retention is almost non existant and you will run a very high risk of having a magazine fall out with even basic activity like walking. 

Plastic mag pouch vs nylon mag pouch

From the analysis above, it should be obvious that the plastic mag pouch is ideal and is a preferred option for anyone that wants to reliably carry a spare magazine. The Magholder mag pouch is priced affordably enough to allow for anyone to have multiple different models depending on the pistol model that they would be carrying on any given day. 

Although the price point of a nylon mag pouch is generally cheaper then a plastic mag holder like Magholder itself, with a mag carrier you certainly get what you pay for. We suggest maybe trying both magazin carriers out if you can fit it into your budget, we think there would be an obvious outcome of your testing and you would see the quality, durability and reliability of a plastic mag pouch is worth a couple extra dollars. 

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