What to expect out of your Magholder

Ricky Taggart

Magholder Order Delivered! Now what? 

Before we ship out a Magholder we test the retention of every single one with the selected magazine. We have talked about this before but there are a few different magazine bodies we use for the almost 200+ models we support. Each Magholder requires a little bit of adjustment on our end which is why we test the retention before shipping it out. However, we have found that not every magazine is made the same, nor does every conceal carry 

Notes on fit and retention of the Magholder

Your Magholder utilizes the same type of retention that your pistol uses to grip the magazine. The retention tabs on the Magholder secure the magazine with enough force to secure it in the horizontal position, but still allow a quick draw from the device with the support hand. This grip eases a bit over time, meaning that your Magholder may be tight to start, especially with thicker belts pressing on the inner tab. This is normal. Please give it a few days to reach optimum retention. To ease draw during break in, a very light application of lubricant to the inner tabs/ribs of the device will help.

glock magholder

Practice! Practice! Practice!

We recommend practicing reloading with your newly acquired Magholder mag pouch on a regular basis. Whether "dry reloading" or going to the range! I personally will dry reload quite a bit especially if I am out my concealed carry pistol. I like to know how the magazine feels as it is removed from the Magholder. Unfortunately the retention is not the same for all pistol magazines in the horizontal mag pouch. One other thing I do daily is when I put the Magholder on my belt every day, I will retrieve the magazine one or two times so I know how or if it will slide on my belt. If I can I try to use one of my belt loops to stop the Magholder from moving, so by removing the magazine a few times I can see if I need to adjust the location on my belt. 

Questions, suggestions, or concern

As always, after you have received your horiztonal magazine carrier from Magholder and you have a quesion, comment, or concern we ask that you reach out to us via email, chat or phone so we can help resolve or discuss anything with you. We appreciate your support of Magholder and want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We also ask that you leave a product review on the specific pistol brand that your purchased a Magholder for. This helps us understand how we can get better, as well as future or current customers what you think of our concealed carry mag pouch. Check out what customers think on our testimonials page.


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