Spring Assisted OTF Knife for Concealed Carry

Ricky Taggart

What is an OTF knife for? 

An OTF knife with the spring assist option is a fantastic option to be a part of your EDC. This knife used the spring assist as a double action for the blade to protract and retract. With the belt clip on that comes on this knife this spring assisted knife can easily stay attached to your belt or pants pocket. The Magholder Spring Assisted Knife also comes with a glass-break on the opposite end of the blade. This glass break can be used in case of emergencies when glass or some other surface needs to be broken or shattered. 

Best Spring Assisted Knife

The Magholder Spring Assisted Knife has been highly rated as it has been used as part of EDC setups. The best spring assisted knife has a lifetime warranty on both the blade and the construction of the knife itself. Machined for longevity this OTF knife blade is constructed with 440c stainless steel which is great for just about anything you need to do with the knife like carving wood, opening boxes, or cutting just about anything else. 

magholder otf knife

OTF Knife for EDC

The OTF Knife by Magholder fits perfectly in your pants pocket with the included high quality clip. The knife weighs only 5.1 ounces so you barely notice it is in your pocket. With the out-the-front design this knife is great for when you need a knife quickly and want the benefit of the spring assist that comes with this knife. 

The handle is made from high grade aluminum alloy and feels super solid in your hand. With the solid construction, well thought out design and lifetime warranty the Magholder Spring Assisted OTF Knife is the best available on the market. 

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