Spare Mag Pouch for Springfield Armory XD-m .45acp / 10mm

Ricky Taggart

Springfield Armory XD-m .45acp & 10mm Mag Carrier

This model has been a long time coming as our loyal customers both old and new have asked to have an option for the Springfield Armory XD-m 10mm and .45acp. Because of this model being a larger caliber and a double stack our current moulds were unable to support these pistol magazines. It took us time to develop the Magholder for this magazine and we went back and forth with our mould shop to get this model exactly right for all of our conceal carry customers. 

xdm 45

The Springfiel XD-m .45acp is a popular pistol that many people still use as their CCP. With the popular XD-m frame and design the .45acp allowed those that were already using the pistol in the 9mm, to have an additional big bore caliber to support or now use as their conceal carry weapon. 

The design for this Magholder uses 4 separate pieces like many of our Magholders are starting to use. The body of the Magholder is moulded to fit the magazine pody almost exactly with just enough tension to retain, while not retaining too much. We then use a retention clip to help give a little bit extra tension, or in some cases retain the magazine through the retention tab. We then have two split belt clips that hold the retention clip on the body. The split belt clips also also allows you to straddle your belt to keep the Magholder in place on your belt as you move around during your busy day, or in the event you need to retrieve your magazine the Magholder will stay in place. 

Now that these are finally available get your Magholder ordered now and start carrying that extra magazine for your high quality pistol. 

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