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Ricky Taggart

Shield EZ Pistols

The Shield EZ was launched in 2018 and is slowly becoming more of a requested model to have a Magholder to fit! We struggled for quite a while due to the magazine having the double flairs on either side. Those jagged flairs are typically right where our Magholder grabs the the typical magazine retention tabs and secures it. So we struggled quite a bit. But, since this magazine was regularly being requested we knew we had to find an answer for the conceal carry customers that were using the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ.

Shield EZ Magazines in 9mm & .380 ACP

We first started developing the Magholder for the Shield EZ .380 as that was the one that was most requested. In terms of magazine depth it was similar to our other .380 magazines that we currently support. Howevever the current design that we use would not support the Shield EZ .380 magazine due to those flairs. Our method is typically taking a current model that we already support, and trying to see if there is a small and easy modification we can make to quickly start producing the Magholder for the new model. However this was proving to be quite difficult to find the best mag pouch for the Shield EZ. We came up with a few options and sent those out to some customers for them to test out. We got some feedback from them and went back to the drawing table and finally came up with an option that was both cost effective on our side of things, as well as in terms of the quality delivered to the customer. After sending out the completed version and getting feedback from our customers we felt confident that we could start selling to all of our customers. 

The 9mm version wasn't too far behind and was actually a very easy discovery in terms of what model we could use to support the Shield EZ 9mm. It actually uses the exact same Magholder body and customizations as the 1911 pistols. However we do remove the inner tabs on the inside of the Magholder due to those Shield EZ magazine flairs that would catch too much. With those removed the magazine easily goes in and out, but stays in with the perfect amount of tension. 

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