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Ricky Taggart

Magholder Reviews

Magholder has received plenty of feedback over the years that has helped us fine tune and continue the development of our conceal carry mag pouch! This feedback has come in a variety of formats such as email, phone calls, texts, or even in person. It has been invaluable to our company as we have strived to give the best magazine carrier available for firearm enthusiasts. Since the launch of our new website a few years ago we began collecting product reviews! These product reviews on the website continue to help us grow as a company. 

How to leave a Magholder product review

There are a few ways to get to the product pages where product reviews can be shared. However we put togethewr an article on How to leave a product review that best outlines how to leave a review on We still have some customers that have just emailed us their product review and we are able to submit it for them on the appropriate Magholder page.

Firearm Industry Reviews

If there is one thing that can be said of all firearm enthusiasts, especially those that conceal carry and rely on their equipment for personal protection, they have an opinion and they like to share it. Just like with most industries, everyone has the brand that they prefer and they rarely stray from what they trust. For this reason the product reviews left for our OWB mag pouches help future customers understand what they are purchasing, the expected quality and durability. 

Keep the reviews coming

We ask each and every customer to leave a product review on our website at every chance we can get. If anyone asks what they can do to thank the amazing customer support we offer, we request a product review. These reviews as we have already explained are needed as Magholder continues to not only grow as a company, but also continues to improve our product, and even develop new products. All of the product reviews that are submitted on their respective pages are also combined into our Testimonials page, this allows customers to see product reviews for all the magazine pouches in one location.

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