Magholder Lifetime Warranty

Ricky Taggart

Backing our Mag Carrier

Offering a Lifetime Warranty is no joke and should not be taken lightly. A Lifetime Warranty is the same thing as a "Guaranteed" statement. We guarantee our product so much, that we are willing to replace it at our own cost. Since our creation, Magholder has offered a Lifetime Warranty, we knew from the beginning that this was important. Because of this there has been many a time where we have had to throw out batches of Magholders due to the quality not being good enough for us to send out to customers.

Why guarantee a mag pouch? 

We have priced our conceal carry horizontal magazine pouch competitively out in the industry. However this being said, offering a Lifetime Warranty can still be quite expensive, luckily for us at Magholder, our quality lasts forever so we have little to no warranty claims. And we plan on keeping it that way. 

Firearm equipment

There are many different types of firearm enthusiasts, and those types seems to evolve with time as their life situations change. Ultimately there are your frugal gun owners, and there are your flashy gun owners. However, regardless of where you land betwee these two types, you will still expect quality from your equipment. This stems from the frugal gun owner not wanting to waste money on replacing their equipment, and the flashy gun owner wanting to have the best of the best and willing to drop some money to get that equipment. Magholder fits the both bills, our quality means you won't be replacing it unless you purchase a new firearm, and the quality is also at the highest level to be considered the best out there!

Conceal Carry with a peace of mind

Probably the most important reason for Magholder to offer a Lifetime Warranty is to help our customers understand that they can trust our product when they have the potential of being in a dangerous situation. We want to ensure our customers can trust the Magholder will deliver the spare magazine out of the mag pouch at the exact moment they need it. 

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