M&P Shield is Not Going Anywhere

Ricky Taggart

M&P Shield is here to stay

Although I do not have data to back this up from the gun manufacturers themselves, we are seeing an up tick in the Magholder being purchased for the M&P Shield magazines. This pistol has been around since initially introduced in 2005. I personally have owned my own Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistol for more then a decade and have never once considered selling it. Even though I don't conceal carry it as much as I used to, it is still one of those pistols that shoots well, feels good in my hands, and is easily concealable so I won't ever get rid of it. With the affordable price that it is, even by today's standards, it is obvious that this gun is still out there and is popular amongst your pistol shooters. 

M&P Shield Magazine

The magazine for the M&P Shield uses both friction and the pistol retention tabs to retain the magazine in the Magholder. The magazines available for this pistol are on the lower end of capacity at anywhere from 6-10 rounds. Although this is one of the only negatives of the Shield, it is still a popular pistol due to the features we have already mentioned. The magazines of different capacities all fit in the Magholder mag pouch. 

Magholder for Shield Magazines

The Magholder for the Shield magazines has been one that has been developed and changed throughout the last decade. Because of it's popularity it has been easy to keep it at the forefront of the models that we support and have continued to improve over the years. The original Magholder body design for the Shield was the one piece model that was part of our original plastic injected mold. A few years ago, we redesigned the Magholder body as we listed to feedback and reviews and discovered some improvements that we could make. The new Magholder body for the M&P Shield pistols now is technically a 4 piece setup where the body, insert clip, and two belt clips all have to be assembled after being received from the plastic shop. This design allows for a longer Magholder life, which is backed by our lifetime warranty, but also has features like the reversible hand orientation by switching the side of the Magholder body that the belt clips are on. The new design also features the separate belt clips which allows for the straddling of the belt loops on your pants, which is actually how I prefer to put the mag holster on my belt. 

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