Magholder for the Sig Sauer P320 Magazine

Ricky Taggart

Developing a Magholder for the P320 Magazine

The Magholder Team is constantly trying to improve our product as we receive feedback from customers. We have made an improvement to the P320 magazine that allows the same Magholder to be used for the 9mm, .40 S&W, & .357 Magnum calibers. Previously we had two different versions of this Magholder to accomodate the different calibers. But after listening to our customers that had purchased the Magholder for their Sig Sauer P320 we decided to make a change and go back to the original version of the Magholder that fits all calibers. We are excited for our customers to be able to enjoy this horizontal magazine pouch and keep their friends and family protected. 

Retention for the Sig Sauer P320 Magazine

The Magholder for the P320 magazine has always used the same retention tabs that the Sig P320 pistol uses to retain the magazine. This ensures a quality fit and retention of the magazine in many different activities and walks of life. The magazine can easily be retrieved from the Magholder whether pulling to the rear or pulling to the front, or in a cross draw situation. Although the magazine is easily and quickly removed from the Magholder, the retention is reliable to protect your magazine from falling out. 

Sig Sauer P320 Concealed Carry

Althought the P320 is a bigger pistol compared to something like the Sig P365 that is often used for concealed carry, the P320 is still a very popular model among your conceal carry enthusiasts and definitely one of the Magholder top models that we sell every day. The P320 is longer, taller and barely wider than the P365, but is still extremely comfortable and manageable in your IWB or other concealed carry holsters. 


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