Magholders for Springfield Pistols

Ricky Taggart

Springfield Pistols

Springfield Armory has some iconic pistols that Magholder has supported from the beginning. As we first started to design the Magholder we wanted to ensure that we could support Springfield pistols like the XDS 9 and XDS 45. When Magholder was first launched our customers wanted to make sure we had a horizontal mag holder for the Springfield pistols. 

Horizontal Mag Holder

The Springfield pistol magazines range quite a bit in size to where there are different Magholder bodies needed to support these pistols. 

Due to these magazines being different sizes Magholder has had to design and setup options that support these pistols. We have tested time and time again to make sure the Magholder reliably carries the magazine in a horizontal orientation so our customers can confidently conceal carry their spare magazine. 

Made in America

As with all of our Magholders, the Springfield Armory Magholder is made in America 100%. From the plastic injected mold to the finished spare mag carrier, Magholder is through and through made in 'Merica and we are proud of this statement and will scream it from the rooftops.

Retention for Horizontal Mag Holder

Because each pistol magazine is different across all the different manufacturers, we use different methods to retain the magazine in the horizontal mag pouch. From a tab on the bottom of the Magholder, to tabs on the side, and than to the friction retention. We at Magholder test each and every mag carrier before we ship it out to our customer. We do different customizations on the different Magholder bodies to accomodate all the different grooves, sizes and needs of the pistol magazines. 

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