Gun Cleaning Mat

Ricky Taggart

Why do I need a gun cleaning mat? 

A gun cleaning mat is pretty simple, there is not much that goes into the technology or development of a gun mat. However it is an important accessory that any firearm owner should have and should use with their firearm investments. I first purchased a gun mat years ago when I was cleaning my pistols or rifles and would do it either on the kitchen table, or a coffee table while watching a show with my wife. I was quickly scolded with the mess that I would make on a towel and how that towel was actually not enough to protect the table. The other thing that I quickly noticed was how slippery a towel was when moving the firearm around while trying to clean or maintain it. I also remember losing smaller pieces fairly easy in a towel and had to look all over the towel and eventually the ground below the table. 

gun mat

Non-Slip Rubber Back

The Magholder Gun Mats feature a natural open cell rubber which is for a non skid experience on most surfaces. As you are taking a part a firearm, or moving it around as you are repairing, a non-slip gun cleaning mat is definitely needed and will change improve your gunsmithing skills. 

Sewn Edge

Most gun cleaning mats available in the industry do not have a sewn edge. At first this isn't a problem, but as the gun mat is used and potentially thrown around a range bag, the edges will start to fray and the top of the gun mat will actually begin to separate and you will need to replace it. While this is pretty standard and takes a lot of abuse to happen, the sewn edge is an upgraded feature that the Magholder Gun Cleaning Mats are proud to offer. 

Large Gun Cleaning Mat

One of the frustration with many gun cleaning mats is the size, they are fairly small and sometimes require many mats put together to be able to hold your entire pistol or rifle. While not long enough for a rifle, it definitely is long enough to hold your rifle action and most of the gun. Knowing your pistol or rifle parts will not get lost on a smaller mat if they get pushed off to the table under it or worse, the ground will allow for an efficient firearm maintenance or cleaning. 

Gun solvent or oil resistant

Maintaining a firearm or even just cleaning it requires solvent and oil to keep your firearm running smoothly. Using a towel like I used to use does not really absorb like the Magholder Gun Cleaning Mat. While we don't recommend pouring whole bottles on the mat and expecting it to completely absorb, small little spills or swabs of oil or solvent will not leak through to your table, desk or workbench underneath. The mat itself will also not break down an disintegrate like other mats might. 

Top quality gun mat

Magholder offers the Gun Cleaning Mat because it is important to us that you not only have the best gear for your EDC and firearms. But it is also important that you regularly clean your firearm to keep it functioning and performing at the highest level so it can protect you and your loved ones. Try it out and let us know what you think of our gun cleaning mat quality. 



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