Sig Sauer P365 Pistol Review

Ricky Taggart

Sig P365 Review

The Sig Sauer P365 is a gun that has been widely reviewed online in videos and other blogs. A few months back I decided it was time to upgrade my CCW and started to ask around as well as read online and the Sig P365 pistol was the most recommended by far! I resisted at first and checked around and even went to local gun stores to feel how different pistols felt in my hand! As much as I didn't want to follow trends, I found that the Sig P365 was easily the most comfortable pistol and made the most sense! I had wanted to spread out to different gun manufacturers compared to what I had owned so far so SIg Sauer was always a pistol manufacturer that was intriquing to me. 


Concealed Carry Pistol

I have had a few different pistols as a conceal carry pistol, I have carried anything from a large 1911 pistol down to a micro compact Ruger LCP. The Ruger LCP was certainly a small pistol that was easy to conceal. I could barely tell I had a pistol on my belt all day long. It was probably one of the only times I have carried a pistol in an IWB pistol holster and it didn't bother me at all! However shooting the LCP was not enjoyable, I could definitely control the pistol, however I didn't like how it felt shooting and consistently shooting the LCP pistol in a decent grouping was more difficult. So I didn't carry that very long. The Sig Sauer P365 is a beautiful pistol inside and out! Looking at the pistol you can tell it is quality made. Putting my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and the Sig Sauer P365 next to each other it is actually hard to tell the difference honestly. However when you pick them both up you can tell a difference. The P365 feels better in the hand and is more comfortably for my hand and fingers. Not that the Shield is bad, just that the P365 feels better to me. The other big difference for conceal carry is putting them in the exact same holster design and the Sig P365 feels better on my belt. I can barely tell I am carrying the pistol, compared to my Shield and it is harder for me to convince myself to put the holster on my belt. 

P365 at the range

Embarrassingly I'll admit that it took me way to long to get the Sig P365 to the range after I bought it. Once I finally got it to the range though I also noticed a difference in shooting compared to the Shield. And once again, I am not trying to insult the Shield, in fact I still own mine and would never sell it and could actually see myself carrying it again. But I was able to easily group the P365 in a few magazines as I figured out how to shoot it. 

P365, P365X and P365XL

When I went to my local gun store to purchase the pistol after I had made up my mind I than had the decision to decide which version to purchase. I felt all of them in my hand and ultimately landed on the P365X. The P365 has the same barrely length as the P365X, but the P365X has a taller grip. The P365XL has the longer barrel and is also a little taller than both the P365 and the P365X.

Barrel Length Height
Sig P365 3.1" 4.1"
Sig P365X 3.1" 4.3"
Sig P365XL 3.7" 4.8"


Knowing that this pistol was going to be my CCW, I didn't like the idea of going bigger than the original, however knowing my hands are a little bigger and grip size was always a problem with my LCP, having a barely taller grip heigh was attractive to me and did fell better in my hand. The longer grip also allows for the P365X to accept larger capacity magazines, compared to the 10+1 of the original P365.

P365 Review Conclusion

I have been very satisfied with my P365 pistol purchase. I got it at full price and have not regretted this purchase at all. It will actually be hard for me to move on from the P365 down the road when I decide it's time. It is comfortable, effective, and is easy to conceal. Also, the Magholder for the P365 fits all of the pistol models, of the P365, P365X and the P365XL. 

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