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Ricky Taggart

made in america

The Magholder has been made in America since day one! Keeping the quality in the hands of Americans has been the top priority for the Magholder team. Everything that we stand by at Magholder centers around our quality and the reliabilty of our materials. Every step along the way of our Magholder production we put Americans to work and keep the entire manufacturing process where it should be, on US soil!

Because we offer a lifetime warranty, it is essential to us that we know where our products are coming from and that the quality control is the best there is! We want to be honest that the costs associated with manufacturing in China is intriguing, however we have never once seriously considered moving our production overseas. We can confidently say that Magholder is through and through, a Made in America product, 100%!

We are proud to say that our manufacturing process employs dozens of Americans every step along the way! As we continue to grow we know that we will be employing more and more Americans that are also Magholder customers! Many of the top brands in the shooting industry have moved their manufacturing overseas but we are proud to be American, and proud to manufacture Magholder in America!

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