What is so special about the Magholder magazine retention?

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Magholder has gone through many changes since its inception 10 years ago. There have been many modifications in every aspect of the design. One aspect however that has not been changed is the retention that is special and unique to the Magholder mag pouches! Magholder uses two methods to retain your magazine, an insert tab and a friction fit.

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First, the Magholder uses the same retention system that your pistol utilizes to keep your magazine firmly inserted by using a tab on the inside of the magazine carrier. These tabs have been designed to flex and allow your magazine to insert and then to depress back into the slot on your magazine for maximum retention. We have a few different Magholder bodies that have different types, thicknesses and angles of the tab that will specifically fit your pistol magazine.

The second method that all magazines also use is the friction fit. Each Magholder we ship out has a magazine inserted to ensure this friction is the perfect amount of tension to allow for an easy insertion and removal of the magazine. There are certain steps we take with each Magholder to ensure that the magazine will insert and exit easily while still maintaining the retention. 

For us at Magholder it is extremely important that the magazine never falls out of your mag holster, but is easy to remove when you need it at a moments notice when you need to reload while you are either just reloading, or needing to replace an ineffective magazine.  It is important to note that there are a few magazines that only use the friction method for magazine retention. 

As new pistols enter the market, the Magholder team hunkers down to find the best model to use that maximizes every retention tool we have at our disposal. We can't stress enough that we want your magazine to be firmly retained into your Magholder, but still allowing for a quick and easy exit. 

These retention methods allow for the Magholder and magazine combination to be used in every possible activity and walk of life. Magholders are used by undercover and off duty law enforcement, construction workers, and everything in between. We have received countless reviews from satisfied customers regarding our retention and the reliability it offers. 

The whole point of carrying a spare magazine is being able to rely on the backup magazine to be ready when you need it most whether when you run out of ammunition or when you have a pistol malfunction and clearing a magazine and inserting a new one to move past the issue. Magholder has mastered the reliability that a mag pouch should offer.

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Tried several of the cheap elastic ones , to many mags on the ground. Had mine for nearly a year, with daily wear, could not be happier.

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