Everyday Carry Items

Ricky Taggart

Evolution of your EDC

Everyone's everyday carry items (EDC) evolve over time. This can be affected by a few things. First and foremost is your individualy situation. As your family grows, or you get a new job in a new area, or as you might even move to a new area. You might either add items to your EDC, or even potentially remove items from your EDC. 

One event that can affect your every day carry is new products that are introduced into the market. As you watch on social media, or just browsing your local sporting good store, you might see something that needs to be added to your pocket or belt. I have personally added, removed and re-added flashlights to my EDC depending on what I have seen in the market. Then I'll decide I don't use a flashlight that much so I remove it from my EDC, then I see a new light that is cool and I pick it up and all of a sudden I have added it back to my EDC. 

Friends or family can certainly influence your EDC. As you see what those you respect and trust are using as a part of their everyday carry you might decide to adopt what they are doing or using. This is perfectly normal and all a part of the evolution of your EDC. 


Flashlight in your EDC

As I already mentioned, a flashlight has come and gone in my EDC. When I joined the workforce I worked at a place that having a flashlight handy in my pocket was super helpful but not required. So I always had one even when I left the office. Then I switched courses with my career and decided to remove the flashlight from my EDC because I was no longer using it regularly and if I remember correctly the light I was using at the time was a little cheaper and broke anyways so when I threw it away I just never replaced it. Fast forward to today and I have added a flashlight into my EDC even though I am still working in the same industry and do not need it for most of my day. Interestingly enough, the times I have used my flashlight have not been at night, but have been when I just needed a little more light while looking at something in my house, car, or out in the yard. A good quality flashlight is super handy nowadays for me.

Most EDC's have a knife

I use a knife just about everyday no matter where I am at or what I am doing. Whether it is as a putty knife and I am trying to scrape something or as a screwdriver, or just using as it was intended and as a knife. I have had a knife in my pocket since I was a teenager. I enjoyed the outdoors quite a bit and although we lived in the city and I did not get to go up in the hills as much as I would have liked, I certainly found empty fields I could wander around and a knife was always needed. Once I became an adult I switched to the Gerber EAB knife and have not looked back since. I love being able to switch out the knife cutting blade when one gets chipped or dull. This is much more practical to me then sharpening a blade. 

A true EDC includes a pistol

As I have mentioned in other posts I have included a pistol in my EDC for quite awhile, but not all the time. Ultimately however, I feel 100% better when I have a pistol at my disposal. I have never ever had to draw my pistol fortunately, but there have been situations where I was glad I had it whether dealing with an aggressive driver, or walking down a street that is questionable. Just knowing I could protect myself or my family in those few situations has me convinced I will do whatever I can to make sure I am always carring a handgun.

EDC with a Magholder

We are a firm believer that if you conceal carry a pistol, or even open carry, you should have at least one spare magazine with you in a magazine carrier. Our preference for most of our EDC items is to be concealed, so that goes for our mag carrier as well which is why we developed the Magholder. Being able to access that spare mag whenever you need in the quickest method possible can only be done with a horizontal mag carrier that we offer for most pistol manufacturers! Also the fact that it is the most comfortable mag pouch available is a bonus!

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