Cross draw with a magazine holder

Ricky Taggart

How to wear a magazine holder

A magazine holder can be worn in many different positions on your belt or even in your pocket. Whether it is in a vertical position or even in your pocket, our preferred method is in the horizontal orientation. There are many reasons we prefer this orientation that we have discussed in a few different articles and posts. 

Magholder solves for sitting all day

There are many of our customers, including many of us at Magholder, that spend much of our day sitting down, whether in a car or sitting at a desk. With most positions and types of spare mag pouches this poses some problems if you ever need to quickly reload. The vertical position can be problematic depending on your physique or even just being able to quickly reach around to your side to get the spare magazine without your elbows hitting the side of your car or desk. 


cross draw


Mag carrier cross draw

The mag carrier by Magholder can be worn in the cross draw position. More specifically, if you normally draw to the rear with let's say your left hand because you are a right handed shooter, then you could slide that Magholder to the front in the appendix position while you are sitting and be able to quickly access your spare magazine. This gives you a lot quicker and easier solutions to the problems most conventional vertical or pocket mag pouches have that are difficult and slow to access. 

Fastest mag pouch

No matter where you put your mag pouch, the horizontal method is still going to be the quickest and easiest method to conceal carry your spare magazine. As you practice over and over (which we highly recommend) you will beging to find new ways and places to put your Magholder that work better for your specific situation. This will also allow you to feel better about the possibility of needing to protect yourself or those around you. 

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