Conceal Carry vs Open Carry

Ricky Taggart

Do you conceal carry? 

I have chosen to conceal carry over the last few years compared to when I first started carrying a pistol and I chose to open carry. Frankly when I first started to carry a pistol, I felt like it was my right to open carry and was fine with it 100%. Although I am still fine with it at this point in my life and will occasionally open carry, after having 3 kids and calming down a little bit compared to when I was a young stallion, I have transferred to conceal carry almost every day I leave my house.

What's my favorite way to conceal carry? 

I have a few different ways that I choose to carry my pistol. Almost every day, I use an OWB holster that is covered with a shirt, jacket or hoodie. I do like to carry with an IWB holster however depending upon the size of the spare tire I am carrying I don't use the IWB too much. Both my OWB and IWB holsters however are the Concealment Solutions holsters that I found years ago and have not found anything I like better, especially their Cobra holster. 

chest holster

Open Carry with a Chest Holster

Luckily for me, I have a family that enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. So we spend as much time exploring the beautiful world that we were blessed with. Because of this, I often will move my pistol from my favorite OWB holster to a chest holster! The chest holster is actually the same Cobra holster style, but Jason over at Concealment Solutions made it so the OWB holster can convert to a chest holster with just a few screws! It is awesome and save me tons of money. I like the chest holster as it keeps my firearm nice and tight as I am hiking or riding OHVs where a pistol on my belt can sometimes get bumped around. The chest holster I feel like protects my firearm from getting scratched but still keeps it within reach. And yes, I do still practice with my chest holster!

Best Conceal Carry Holster

I have used a few different high end holsters before I landed on Concealment Solutions as my go-to holster brand! I have tried the Stealthgear holsters, I have tried the Alien Gear holsters, and I have also tried the Blade-Tech holsters. Although I have nothing bad to say about any of those brands, when i discovered Concealment Solutions, they checked off a few boxes that are super important to me. First, I do not like mainstream products (yes many of my firearms I own are mainstream), but when it comes to my other gear I prefer to find someone that is smaller and local like Jason at Concealment Solutions. Their customer service is amazing. They take care of you and have endless options! There have been many an item that I wanted a kydex holster for that wasn't available on his website. I reached out to him and Jason had me send in the item to him, and he custom fitted a kydex holster for it. That kind of customer service and overall experience is rare nowadays. For that reason, Concealment Solutions has my loyalty forever!

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