Mag Pouch for .45acp & 10mm Pistols

Ricky Taggart

Pre-Order for Mag Pouch for 10mm and .45acp Pistols

We have received hundreds of requests over the past few months for the .45acp and 10mm pistol models like the Glock 21 pistol, Glock 40 pistol, Springfield Armory XD-m 45acp and 10mm pistols, Smith & Wesson M&P .45acp pistol. We have known for quite some time that we were finally getting close to being able to get this new mold developed for these pistol models and we have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to yell it from the rooftops. Well that time has finally come as we are officially only a few months away from having these new pistol models in stock and ready to start shipping! Since we are so close we now feel comfortable to start offering a pre-order on these models.

pre order magholder

These new models are going to start shipping in June 2022! We are planning on sending regular updates about the progress of the new molds and the product itself! These new mag pouches will certainly improve your conceal carry for some of the more popular pistol calibers on the market!

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