Common items in Everyday Carry (EDC)

Ricky Taggart

What's in your pocket?

This is definitely one of those situations where there is no wrong answer here! Everyone is different and has different needs and different experiences that have influenced why they carry what they do every day! Contents of an EDC seem to include some of the following:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Knife
  • Multi-tool
  • Flash light
  • Pen
  • Firearm
  • Spare magazine
  • Hat
  • Spare change

What else are we missing? Let us know in the comments.

Why EDC? 

This is a loaded question and I am not sure it can be answered that easily nor should I be the one to answer it. However I will briefly respond to what it means to me. Being prepared to respond to whatever comes my way is the basics of my EDC. Protecting myself, my family and friends are at the top of my reasons. I also view my EDC as tools. I like to fix things, and work on things. Having the right tools makes a job that much easier, and way more enjoyable. So having a well thought out and every evolving everday carry is essential to my happiness in any given day. I feel a void when I go to get something in my EDC in one of my pockets or on my belt and an item is missing. 

My personal pocket dump


My pocket dump has evolved over the years. When I was young I first started carrying a pocket knife. It was a simple and cheap knife but I started carry one because I spent so much time exploring the fields around my house and found I needed it as part of my adventures! Once I got to high school I started carrying a pen with me, everyone who knew me knew I had a pen in my pocket! Than I gradually began to add different items like a wallet, a flashlight, than a pistol, and further down the road I added a spare magazine. 


I used to think that my wallet needed to have business cards, credit cards, gift cards, pictures, and everything else in between. Much like my other strategies in life, I wanted my wallet to be a solution to many different and possible scenarios I might face. My wallet used to be a leather wallet that was super uncomfortable because of how much stuff I crammed in it. I finally threw most of it out and switched to the Concealment Solutions Tacticool wallet! I have been using one of those wallets for years now and I love the slim style of the wallet! I keep a very small amount of cards and IDs in my wallet, luckily the wallet itself is limited in how much it allows, it doesn't expand as well as the leather wallet did so I can't cheat and add more than I actually want. 


I have used a variety of different flashlights as part of my everyday carry. I have used pocket pistols for most of that. For a time when I was a service technician at a small appliance repair shop I started carrying my first Streamlight type pocket pistol. The brand was actually Outback Flashlights and worked pretty decent! They never lasted all that long as they were very cheap Chinese imports. After those I switched over to a tactical Outback Flashlight called the Dingo, I carried this on my belt occasionally but it was bigger than I really wanted and about that time smart phones took off so I just opted to use the flash light on my phone. I have recenty started using a Streamlight pocket pistol again and love having that a part of my EDC. It is used just about everyday especially with the sun going down a little earlier during the winter months!


The pistol has changed over the years from carrying a Smith & Wesson 1911, to a Ruger LCP, to a Smith & Wesson Shield, and currently I carry a Sig Sauer P365. As of now, the P365 pistol has been my favorite of my conceal carry pistols that are part of my EDC.The P365 and Shield are not that much different when you compare them side by side, but for some reason the P365 carries and shoots so much better for me. It is also obviously a better option for so many of our customers since the Magholder for the P365 is one of our top models sold!

Spare Mag Pouch

I started carrying a concealed carry pistol about 12 years ago. I didn't carry everyday but at least tried to have it within reach if it were in a bag, or in my vehicle. A few years after starting to conceal carry I got involved with Magholder and realized the benefits and needs of having a spare magazine with me at all times. I than was educated by Mark Houskeeper (Founder and Creator of Magholder), why horizontal was better than a vertical mag carrier! Ultimately I now carry a spare mag with me every single day I leave my house! 

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