Ricky Taggart

Magholder is extremely excited to announce Magholder spare mag pouch for the Ruger LCP Max magazines. This magazine has been a constant request from our loyal customers and we are thrilled to support the LCP Max pistol. The LCP pistols is iconic and also one of our more popular models! Being able to support the newer double stack magazine found in the LCP Max is a huge achievement for our product design team! 

The Magholder body for the LCP Max uses our newer style that is a switchable orientation for the Left or Right. It also has the separate belt clips that allows the Magholder to straddle a belt loop to more securely keep it in place on your belt. This newer styles works just as well as our original design, however it has a improved features as previously mentioned.

Get your order placed the Magholder for the Ruger LCP Max and start carrying your spare magazine in the top rated mag pouch available!

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