Concealed Carry

Ricky Taggart

Act or be acted upon

All of my life I have lived by the by the "act or be acted upon" mantra. It is something that drives most of what I do each and every single day! That includes why I conceal carry. It is important to me that I am never a victim! I never want to put myself in a position that I am unprepared (maybe its the boy scout in me). Each and every time before I leave my house I think through every possible scenario that I might find myself in and make sure I have what I need. 

After becoming an adult it didn't take long for me to realize that I needed to conceal carry at least one weapon to make sure I could protect myself and my family. Over the years that has meant different things to me when it comes to the weapon that I chose to carry. I always carried a knife at the very least, but more and more I started carrying a pistol. One thing that has not changed is the brand of holsters that I have always used. Concealment Solutions is a local company in Utah that makes quality holsters that have never failed me and are extremely comfortable. I have an IWB and OWB holster from their lineup for every pistol that I own. Every time I get a new pistol I always budget holsters for the pistol. 


Although I have an IWB holster for evety pistol I own, my go-to holster is always my OWB Concealment Solutions Cobra holster. It rides high enough on my belt that I can usually conceal it under most of my shirts or jackets. It is very comfortable and most importantly, keeps the pistol tight against my body for my active lifestyle. From playing with my children to riding ATV's or Dirt Bikes, the Cobra pistol has always provided me with the level of conceal carry I want, while keeping my pistol safe and secure. 

Concealed Carry with Magholder

Magholder easily falls in line with the conceal carry mentality! The whole design and reason for the conception of Magholder and the horizontal magazine pouch was to make the spare magazine less conspicuous along the belt. Vertical mag pouches print too easily along your belt with just about any shirt or jacket. It doesn't take too trained of an eye to spot that spare magazine on the belt in the vertical mag carrier. Magholder just about disappears to both the conceal carry user, as well as anyone around them. It is designed to securely stay on your belt and not move around. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

You should practice drawing your pistol and reloading with your spare magazine using the holsters and mag pouch you plan on using every day. There are plenty of courses and training you can take that help with the proper and best methods to draw and reload. These trainings and courses should be taken regularly to make sure you are ready to act and not be acted upon! Occasionally in my closet I practice those same steps that I learned in the courses I have taken, just to make sure my muscle memory is still as fresh as it can be. 

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