Cons of a pocket mag holder

Ricky Taggart

Do these pockets make my butt look big? 

I have specific assignments for all of my pockets and I never waiver from those assignments. As I'm sure most people are the same way. My back pockets are my 2 least favorite pockets. I do way too much sitting unfortunately, working a sedentary desk job and than driving too and from work. It seems like I am always sitting. Because of this, I prefer to have as little as possible in my pockets. The only thing would be my slim wallet that I keep a few of my most needed credit cards, debit card, and ID. Outside of those things in my slim wallet I want nothing else in my back pockets. I can tell a huge different in my back pain if I have too big of a wallet. 

Front Driver Pocket

Ever since the evolution of cell phones I dedicated my front left pocket to my cell phone. I put nothing else in that pocket. Especially as I have adopted the "phablet", or large phones that are practically a tablet, I have made sure my pocket has nothing else that could interfere with my phone screen and potentially scratch it. 

Front Passenger Pocket

This pocket contains probably a little more than I want for a single pocket, but it usually contains my flashlight and keys in the pocket itself, with my pocket knife attached to the rim of the pocket. If anything else comes my way and is in need of some pocket real estate, it goes in this pocket. For my setup and strategy, it is the pocket best suited to be beat up and abused a little bit. 

No Go On the Pocket Mag Holder

Because of my current setup I don't have an available pocket for pocket mag carrier. I think it would be too much to handle putting it on the same pocket rim as my pocket knife. And I don't want the pocket mag holder anywhere close to my cell phone. So when it comes down it, I could never consider using one of those. As cool of an idea as it is. 

Reload Speed

Last but not even close to least, is the reload speed. If I could rate the reload speed without having a visual proof or comparison video side by side but just looking at availability to be grabbed, and than natural flow is:

  1. Horizontal mag pouch
  2. Vertical mag pouch
  3. pocket mag holder

There is no question that both horizontal and vertical would beat the pocket mag holder when it comes to reload time. There are so many other variables as well that could come into play when trying to get the spare magazine out of your pocket that I will discuss in the next section. But hands down, the natural flow of reloading goes to the horizontal position as it is essentially a two-flow reload motions, compared to a 3 or 4 flow reload motions. 

Practical Situations

With all of the gear that you select for your every day carry or concealed carry, you need to think how that equipment will be used and how will it perform. The horizontal mag holder from Magholder has been designed with this in mind. Gaining access to a horizontal mag carrier is extremely realistic, easy, and fast in a sitting position. Especially if you choose to wear it in the cross draw position. Many of our customer's use the crossdraw when they are driving or sitting at a desk all day. 

Trying to access anything in your pocket while sitting can not only be a circus for you, but somewhat entertaining for those around you. If you need to access your spare mag while seated, you are definitely adding valuable time onto your reloading, which can put you in a dangerous situation. 

Carrying a spare magazine in concealed carry is important, but being able to access it when you actually need it is even more important. Check out our horizontal spare mag pouch to start carrying the safest and fastest way available to you. 

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