Concealed Carry Belt

Ricky Taggart

How many belts do you need?

Over the years I have experimented with many different types of belts and different styles of buckles. A few years ago I discovered a popular belt that uses a ratchet style buckle that allows you to tighten your belt ever so slightly, or loosen it as well, depending on your immediate needs. This type of belt system makes sense to me when considering I am often sitting or standing, and have a holster and Magholder on my belt! It allows my belt to be flexible and adjustable however I need it!

Leather Belts with Punched Holes

For years I used the traditional leather belts with punched holes. These belts would usually last a year or two before I would need to start punching holes to accomodate the deteriorating leather. I tried both cheap and expensive belts and came to the conclusion that leather belts with punched holes were problematic for someone like me. With an ever changing waist line depending on the season, I was constantly wearing out my belts and needing a different belt tension with the changing waist line. I decided that leather belts were no longer for me. 

Leather Belts with Ratchet Buckles

I discovered the ratchet style buckles with a leather belt some time ago and quickly found these satisfied my need to adjust my belt if I ate too much at a restaurant, or I was conceal carrying my pistol and mag pouch. If I was walking around or sitting down and decided I needed to adjust the belt, there wasn't the awkwardness with the ratched style buckles cause I could quickly reach down and tighten or loosen the buckle without anyone the wiser. 

Nylon Belts with Ratchet Buckles

Enter the nylon belt, I don't know why I was so resistant to the nylon belt world. I guess I thought leather belts looked a little better so that is always the route I took. Since finding the nylon belts though I'm not sure I will ever go back. Outside of my need for an occasional leather belt, the nylon belts satisfy all of my needs. With the ratchet buckle, I have the perfect scenario. The belt is easily adjustable, and doesn't wear down as fast as my leather ratchet style belts. 

essential belt

EDC Belts

As with the rest of your EDC gear, it is all up to personal choice. There are experiences and outside forces that influence and steer why we carry what we do when we are conceal carrying. For me, my belt has been a journey and has a "story" along with the rest of my EDC gear. I have always wanted and been searching for the best conceal carry belt. The Essential Belt by Magholder fits that bill for me. Its extremely comfortable, keeps the pants where I want them. And is strong enough to hold my conceal carry holster, and spare mag pouch. 

Gun Belt

So far my experience with the nylon belts with the ratchet gear has been extremely positive! If I were in a tactical situation, or at a shooting match, having a belt that I could quickly adjust would be something that would be important for me. Some of the other competitior gun belts are less desirable for me due to the difficulty in adjusting the tightness. Some of them are an exact fit, which does not make sense to us at Magholder due to the need for a fluid belt! The Essential Belt by Magholder is easily the top choice for anyone looking for their next gun belt!

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