Top 5 Reasons to use a Magholder

Ricky Taggart

Endless Reasons

We could go on and on regarding the reasons to use Magholder! The reasons are endless and seem to keep coming in from our customers. They are all important and should be enough to convince anyone to switch from vertical or a pocket clip over to the horizontal mag pouch from Magholder! We receive phone calls all day long just from customer's letting us know how much they love the Magholder and how they will never go back! You can also check out our testimonials page and see all the comments and what our customers think about their mag holder! 

The Top 5

This is certainly not a definitive list and is probably not in the exact order for every customer, but we did the best we could ordering them with what is important to us and why we founded Magholder:

  • Horizontal is better than Vertical or a pocket mag holder
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in America
  • Ultimate Concealed Carry
  • Fast Reload

None of those reasons above need much of an explanation. But we'll go into a brief description of each below!

Horizontal is better than Vertical

Carrying a spare magazine in a horizontal mag pouch vs a vertical mag pouch is extremely more comfortable and is also more efficient. We won't go into too much detail on this one in this paragraph as some of the other top 5 reaons relate to this one!

Lifetime Warranty

Magholder has developed such a quality product, and we continue to refine our horizontal magazine carrier that we can easily offer a Lifetime Warranty! We stand by our product and will continue to do so! That being said, because of the quality we have achieved, we rarely deal with a warranty issue with our customers. 

Made in America

Every aspect of the Magholder mag carrier is made in America! We are proud of that! Employing Americans and using American products is something that means a lot to us, and means a lot to our customers. Purchase your Magholders with a peace of mind that they are certain 100% Made in America!

Ultimate Concealed Carry Mag Pouch

The problem with some magazine carriers like your vertical options out there is they can print way more than a concealed carry user is going to want! It is harder to keep that vertical mag carrier under a shirt and not raise questions or eyebrows! The horizontal magazine holder by Magholder almost disappears along your belt, both you and those around you won't even notice the mag holder on your belt! 

Fast Reload

The reload time of a horizontal mag pouch versus a vertical mag pouch is roughly 33% faster! In the video below we tested this and found that without question, the reload motions are more natural and therefore an easier and quicker reload motion to get your pistol back in action! 

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