Why do you need a mag holder?

Ricky Taggart

There are many tools you should have on your person as a part of your EDC. We have covered this in other posts like our Common items in Everyday Carry (EDC), everyone has different items and different reasons for why they carry certain items in their EDC. One item we would vote needs to be included everytime is a concealed carry pistol that you have trained with and are experienced in drawing from your holster in standing, walking and sitting positions. A spare magazine is a no brainer when considering what else to include in your EDC. 

Mag holder or no mag holder

We have had many a customer reach out to us telling us how excited they were to find the horizontal mag holder which finally gets the spare mag out of their pocket or glove box. Keeping your spare mag clean and ready to use is as important as keeping your everyday carry pistol cleaned and maintained. If your spare magazine is dirty, grimey or dusty it might not function as you need it when you need it most. Spare magazines in your pocket or your glove box are much more prone to not only getting dirty, but also damaged. We recommend cycling your spare magazine regularly and practicing reloading with it so that you know it is functioning properly but also that your muscle memory stays strong as you go through life. 

What to call the spare mag holder?

Although there are many different names you could call a magazine carrier, they all pretty much mean the same thing. Some of those names might be:

  • mag carrier or magazine carrier
  • mag holder or magazine holder
  • mag holster or magazine holster
  • mag pouch or magazine pouch

While we could argue and have a discussion about each one of the and their are actual slight differences, we have found that in the shooting industry, these names are used synonymously by most out there, but everyone seems to have their preference for what they call their mag holder.

Owning a mag holder is what's important

No matter what you end of calling your mag holder, or mag carrier, the most important part is that you have a spare magazine in a spare mag carrier. We would suggest looking at Magholder, there are many reasons why a horizontal mag holder is better than a vertical one or a pocket clip. Keeping yourself protected and ready to reload your pistol if you run out of ammunition or if your pistol malfunctions is extremely important and should be a priority. 


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