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Mag Holder for Sig Sauer Magazines

The Sig Sauer Pistols deserve a worthy magazine pouch to keep your spare magazine secure on your belt. Magholder has long supported Sig Sauer firearms with a horizontal spare mag carrier. Some of those models that are supported are the P220 magazines, P229 magazines, P238 magazines, P938 magazines, P250 magazines, P365 magazines and P320 magazines. These models are some of top rated mag holsters and top picked mag holsters by our customers and professional shooters. 

The Magholder is a high temperature and high impact nylon similar to a rifle stock. Extremely durable and near break proof this new version has been designed with state of the art technology.

Mag Pouch for EDC

The Magholder is designed to be worn horizontally. Magazine carriers keep you prepared by providing an additional magazine with extra ammunition, as well as an additional magazine in case of a firearm jam or malfunction. This mag holder has been designed to keep your spare magazine concealed along your belt and within arms reach in sitting or standing positions. Upgrade your EDC by concealing your spare mag to blend in with your belt. 

Orientation of your Magholder

Configurable options include Left or Right orientation, referring to which hand you will use to grab your spare magazine. Typically, the shooter reaches for their spare mag with the support hand, sweeping it out of the magazine holster either to the rear from the weak side, or from across the front midline in a crossdraw motion. Both positions are extremely fast but the crossdraw position allows access to the magazine from a sitting position, such as in a vehicle or theater seat.

If you are a right handed shooter, you will likely grab your spare mag with your left hand, and thus, use the "Left Side to the Rear" version MagHolder.

If you are left handed, you will likely grab your spare magazine with your right hand, or the "Right Side to the Rear" version MagHolder.

There are many positions on the belt the MagHolder can be worn, so be imaginative and don't hesitate to contact us at store@magholder.com with any questions. Or check out our "Do I need a right hand or left hand version?" article. If you have special requirements, like bullets pointing upwards, or wearing the MagHolder behind your back, shoot us a message and we will respond quickly!

  • Designed for a friction fit on Sig Sauer pistol magazines
  • Fits a belt that is 1 3/4" or smaller
  • Horizontal magazine carrier or magazine pouch (read Why Horizontal?)
  • Ultimate concealed carry spare magazine holder
  • High temperature and high impact nylon, similar to a rifle stock
  • Designed with state of the art technology
  • Made in America
  • Lifetime Warranty

We ship all orders within 1-2 business days. Currently we ship using the United States Postal Service. If you need us to use another shipping service please reach out to us and let us know once you place your order. All Magholders are shipped in a padded envelope that protects the product during shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Michael Barkell
Great Spare Mag Solution

This is the 3rd iteration I've bought over the last 2 years. The first was for my Springfield XDS. The second was for my Ruger LCP Max. This latest was for a Sig P365 XL I just bought to replace my XDS. Mags fit great, and the holders stay where I put it on my belt. The horizontal orientation helps with not printing and pulling a mag for reloads is instinctive. Light-weight plastic but sturdy and well made. I highly recommend them.

Gary Bigley
Great Product, Great Service!

I love my Mag holders. I have two for different guns/magazines and on one of them they even went out and purchased a magazine to confirm which one to get, and then added my gun to their website. The horizontal holders are just what I was looking for; they stay tight on my belt and are easy to pull a magazine out, but the mags stay tightly in place until needed. When I recently ordered a new gun it wasn't listed on the site, and after contacting them via chat is was there in a half hour, so I have now ordered from them three different times. I'm a happy customer!

Mike Holderfield
Sig M17

I checked out this website several months back, liked what I saw.
I didn't however see a 'holder' for a Sig M17 21 round magazine
so I sent an email asking about that... Got a response that afternoon
telling me which would work, so I ordered it.
It arrived a couple of days later... it wears and works like a champ!!
Is this a reccomendation? YES!
Will I order for other magazines? YES!

Use it nearly everyday

I love mine and use it nearly everyday, so it gets used. It took a little adjustment to get to to my liking and level of retention but it holds the mag tight and releases easy and fast. I 100% can say that the ergonomics of the mag change feels very intuitive and more natural than I expected and with little practice I was able to get to sub 2 seconds.

Chad Storch
Good kit!

Excellent product!! Holds my G42 and P365 mags securely and comfortably. Highly recommend.

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