Why carry a spare magazine?

Ricky Taggart

We don't mean to keep bringing up a topic that has been discussed time and time again, but carrying a spare magazine is obviously close to our hearts! There are a couple of reasons why it is so essential for everyone to carry a spare magazine with them whenever they are carrying a pistol, whether open or conceal carry. We are going to address the top reasons that will convince you to carry a spare magazine!

spare magazine

Extra Ammunition

For the same reason that you are carrying a pistol, you need to carry a spare magazine! You never know what kind of situation you are going to be in, and how much ammunition you are going to need. You certainly don't want the "what if" scenario you have to consider time and time again is what would have happened if you had more ammunition! 

I was always taught as a boy scout to be prepared, and I have always considered every situation I could find myself in before I leave my house, and I always take way more equipment or supplies then I actually need. A spare magazine falls right in line with this same line of thinking. It is better to have too much just in case, versus wishing I had it when i didn't. 

Pistol Issues

If you ever experience a pistol jam or feeding issue while on the range or even in a situation where you are using your pistol, then the most common and easy way to fix the issue, is to cycle out the magazine you have in the pistol and to insert a new magazine! This more often then not, gets your pistol functioning again and gets you pack to shooting, whatever the situation is!

We definitely cannot guarantee that cycling a magazine will for sure fix whatever issue you are experiencing, but in our experience this has been the best and quickest way to eliminate a possible culprit in your malfunctioning pistol!

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