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Ricky Taggart

More is better: double mag carrier

One of the things that we at Magholder get asked about quite a bit is a double magazine pouch but still in the horizontal position. This was a request that was probably sent our way multiple times a week. The Magholder team spent quite a bit of time in the R&D as we considered the best way to approach this. Ultimately we wanted to keep the customers needs and user experience at heart when we worked on the development of this project. We put our heads together with the team over at Concealment Solutions and came up with the Double Magholder Carrier

Developing the best double magazine pouch

We decided to reach out to Jason at Concealment Solutions because of his talent of developing holsters and his custom background. Working together we were able to figure out how to allow customers to use the current mag pouches that they already owned, but to also allow them to go from using a single mag carrier, to then using two on the Double Magholder Carrier. This was very important to our team as we know what an investment our customers have in their different firearms and firearm accessories so we wanted to be sensitive to that. 

Introducing the top double magazine carrier

double magholder carrier

The Double Magholder Carrier allows you to slide on your mag pouches quickly just like you would onto your belt. The Double Magholder Carrier also utilizes two quick belt clips so you can get it on and off your belt quickly wihtout having to remove your belt. These clips and carrier itself are high quality plastic. The carrier is contructed from thin HDPE and is cut with a water laser jet. The thin HDPE is durable, but still forms along your body to allow for it to bend slighly as it goes along your belt. Compared to other mag pouches or even pistol holsters that are rigid and hard, the Double Magholder Carrier is comfortable to carry and easy to use because of the thought and ingenuity that went into the design process. 

Get your Double Magholder Carrier today from Magholder and start carrying two spare magazines for your CCW pistol during those times when you feel like one spare mag is just not enough. 

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