EDC Gun Belt

Ricky Taggart

What goes into an EDC belt?

Being in the concealed carry business I have gone through many different firearms, holsters and belts that I have used for my EDC. Conceal carry pistols have changed over the years primarily because of my own development and understanding of what a good and reliable CCP should be. Holsters has really been the same journey, as I figured out what I wanted and what worked with my body styles as well as my clothing style I have stuck with the same holster company as well as the same holster type and model. The belt business has been all over the place for me and it has not been as attached to my conceal carry focus as it maybe should be. Eventually as I started to conceal carry on a regular basis and had gone through half a dozen belts I started to look for a quality belt that had 2 main features! Rigid and adjustable!

Adjustable Gun Belt

A belt for me needs to fluctuate constantly throughout my depending on a few different things. Throughout my day I am sitting and standing constantly. Because of that I adjust my belt when standing vs when I am sitting. The other thing that can determine how I adjust my belt and that is if gave in to bad habits and ate more of a big meal then I should have and I need to adjust that bat out a little bit. And last but definitely not least is if I am have my pistol on my belt. Because of all these differents throughout my day I found that an adjustable belt that can easily be ratcheted on the go solves my problem compared to a belt that has notches that I have to undo to tighten or loosen. 

essential gun belt

Rigid Gun Belt

There are many adjustable belts out there. Some are ratchet belts and some are clamp style belts. Some are more of a rigid style and some are more of a flexible style belt. Because of my needs for a rigid gun belt that can hold a hoster tight against my body and allow for me to put on and remove my gun belt quickly I found that I need a nylon gun belt. I did use a leather gun belt for years and didn't have too many issues with it but I did notice that after a short time it started to get wear marks where my pistol holster and mag pouch were placed on the belt. 

Nylon Gun Belt

As I've already mentioned I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted a nylon belt for my conceal carry. The reliability and rigidity of a nylon belt is hard to beat. However, I struggled to find a belt on the market that had everything I wanted. There were belts that had some of the features, but nothing had everything. That is where the Essential Gun Belt comes into the picture. I did some R&D and found the best belt that Magholder could offer at an affordable price. This belt has all the features like and adjustable buckle that you can ratchet to loosen or tighten on the go. It is a universal length of 47 inches that fits most waist sizes. It is made of 1000D nylon that makes this an extremely durable and reliable gun belt for all of your edc and conceal carry needs. 

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