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They work and are very concealable

I’ve had and used Magholders for my spare magazines now for over 8 years! Originally I got Glock 19 Magholders, and carried them off-duty as a federal officer. Then I ordered some for my 1911s, smaller Glocks (43), and most recently for my 43X. They work, are very concealable, and I only lost one magazine one time cutting trees and brush in my yard when it fell out somewhere and I didn’t notice. Otherwise, in a very active lifestyle as a pilot, Hunter, and outdoorsman in Alaska Magholders have not failed me. I recommend them highly, and the customer service is also top notch!

January 9, 2022

Quality through and through

There's so much you can ask for a magazine holster. Most people overlook the small details required for effective personal defense. Number 1 is easy of use, and this magazine holster fulfills this objective by its ergonomics and civilian attire considerations. It also retains your magazine properly, as we all know extra magazines are the hidden cost of a firearm! Ditch the off hand pocket storage and secure your gear with MagHolster. Second is reasonable pricing. This holster is absolutely affordable for what it offers the active DEFENSE shooter. You don't spend a fortune on a gun and not the equipment to secure your investment. MagHolder fits the budget for the purpose, and the purpose is supporting you in a time of need. And finally, we as American's enjoy supporting our fellow patriots. MagHolder is more than willing to support its customers from order date to use of product. I recently had a firearm change while my MagHolder was enroute for my old firearm and I emailed MagHolder to inform them. I was met with a response in no less that 15 minutes for return procedures. This is a company of service, and for that, I will be making future purchases and giving referrals. What a great company! Give MagHolders your business and they will take the opportunity to impress! This is not a sponsored review. I am a normal citizen and a Veteran. I just believe in solid companies receiving solid reviews!

December 29, 2021

High Quality Product

I had been looking for a horizontal mag carrier for quite a while before finding Magholder. I even had one custom made by a local holster maker. Even that doesn't hold a candle to the Magholder product. The retention is perfect and stays secure no matter what I am doing. The dual belt loops/hooks hold the carrier securely on the belt while still allowing me to move the carrier around if needed. As a bigger guy I prefer to have as much of my EDC oriented horizontally on my belt as possible to minimize it sticking into me. I feel this is a great option to carry a spare mag without it being obtrusive.

December 28, 2021


I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and strength of the belt clips on the two different models I purchased (SigSauer P229 and SigSauer P365). I practiced reloading using empty guns and magazines and found that there was just the right amount of tension keeping the magazines secure, but not too tight when drawing to reload. Excellent product.

December 21, 2021

Outstanding Product!!

I have used the Magholder products for at least the last five years or longer. I have used the Glock double stack, Glock G43, and now the SiG P365 & P320 Magholders. They all work great as advertised. The only way to carry a horizontal mag in the most durable and compact holder I have ever found. They hold securely and I haven't worn one out yet like previous leather/plush etc holders.

December 18, 2021

Great product and customer support!

My Magholder works great. I ended up breaking one of the clips by my own negligence, but Magholder sent me a new clip for my broken Magholder anyways.

December 12, 2021

Awesome product

Magholder is a great product . i have 4 of them and all fits the mags. also the great service they give. one had a slight problem and they sent a new one out and it fit great. the delivery is very fast. will be a customer always and i highly recommend this product. great price.

December 10, 2021

Nice improvement!

I’ve loved all my previous mag holders, and really didn’t think you could do much to improve on them. You did though, and I really like the new style. Keep up the good work!

December 10, 2021

This product is strong and rigid

This product is strong and rigid. Perfect for that cross draw in competition or backup while hiking! Its rigid feel gives comfort knowing it won't break under pressure. A good product for a decent price.

December 03, 2021

Best Horiz Mag Holder

I have several of them now and really like them--you don't really notice them on your belt. They ride tight and firm, but do take some breaking in if you have a thick belt. easy way to carry spare mags and have them ready to ue.

November 08, 2021

I highly recommend this product

I have had a Magholder for my Glock for several years. It has served me very well. With the purchase of a Hellcat, I knew that I had to have a Magholder for this one. They are are comfortable & make removal & return of the magazine extremely easy.

November 08, 2021

Works perfect

I own several mag holders and every one is made great and fits and functions perfectly. Great job on the 43x shield arms version.

October 29, 2021

Best Mag Pouch

I have several of these and love them. Every time I purchase a new pistol to carry I order a new holster and a new Mag Holder if needed.

November 02, 2021

Best tool for conceal carry

Magholder is the best tool for conceal carry that I have ever purchased. I have been using them for years.. What I like most about horizontal magazine holders is easy access and comfort while driving my car or riding my Harley. Right after buying my first one for my belt, I decided to buy another one for my spare magazine that I keep in my center console. When needed, I just grab my spare Magholder, clip it on my belt and go.

October 28, 2021

Excellent Product

These are a simple yet effective way to securely carry a spare magazine. They work

October 19, 2021

3rd Magholder

I'm sold on the Magholder, this was my 3rd, each for a different model magazine. There're simply the most comfortable and concealable product available.

October 16, 2021

Unmatched quality and service

I have been using Magholder products for many years and for many different models. There is nothing like them on the market anywhere. If you want to carry an extra magazine, want it to be held securely in place but easy to access, want it to be comfortable and want it to blend into your waistline, this what you need. I won’t use any other product for EDC of spare magazines.

October 15, 2021

I love my new P365 magholder

You know why I love my new P365 magholder? At first, I thought the new style looked dumb, with the 2 clips, because I have so many of the first style. But the update with 2 clips is awesome because of how it works with my clothes! For many of my pants and shorts I had to position my belt buckle on the left side, past the first belt loop to make room for the magholder at the front. But the new style allows me to straddle the front, right belt loop with a clip to its left and a clip to it's right. I dont have to reposition my belt buckle any more! Yay! I was wrong and your new design is AMAZING! Thanks!

October 05, 2021

Works Just Right!

I bought the Magholder for the Kahr CW380 and it works perfectly. The magazine is pretty small, therefore the Magholder is small as well, which only serves to make this mag carrier conceal very well. The magazines for the Kahr P380 and CW380 are supposed to be the same size (to my knowledge) so this carrier should work for either. I really do like this, as carrying a horizontal magazine holder (as opposed to vertical) is (to me) much much more comfortable, because the magazine just runs parallel with your belt, instead of poking a muffin top or love handle ... just saying. ¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į It's not an overly complicated piece of gear, but it doesn't seem to be junk either. Just clip it on your belt, insert magazine, and carry on.

October 02, 2021

Second model purchased

I've used a Magholder for years with my EDC 9 & 40 Shields. Always never a thought about printing or shifting. The day models for the .45 Shield, or for my new Shield Plus become available, my order is in. Great product!

October 02, 2021


One of the best mag holders I've ever had. The horizontal, is perfect for EDC, conceals very easy. Highly recommend!

September 23, 2021

Excellent Mag holder

This is by far the best CCW belt mag holder. Sitting horizontally on the belt; it doesn't jab you and (in my opinion) puts the spare mag in perfect position for a mag change from the weak side (left in my case as a right-handed shooter). I have one each for my Sig P365 and Glock 43X; I'm ordering one today for my Sig Ultra 1911. The mag "clicks" into place and takes a bit of a tug to come free; but you want good retention. With practice it becomes automatic. Highly recommend them

April 28, 2021

Magholders galore!

I carry 2 Magholders for 3 different Glocks...G19, G23 and G43... one of my careers was 25 yrs law enforcement in the insane city of Portland, OR... packing revolvers and semi auto’s, dump pouches, speedloaders and magazines over those 25 years provide a real education in what works and doesn’t work...Magholders just plain work!!!...EM

October 21, 2020

This is the best mag holder I have ever used.

This is the best mag holder I have ever used. The horizontal orientation just blends in with the belt and doesn't print. I honestly don't even feel anything when I'm wearing it. I've tried vertical holders and they always seem to dig into my side, especially when seated. Another aspect that I really appreciate is that when drawing the mag it's a much more natural movement, versus vertical. It's easier to draw standing or seated and I don't have to rotate the mag 180 degrees to align it with the pistol. I am conflicted, though. As these become more popular I hope it won't be too difficult to acquire one! Thx for a GREAT product.

August 29, 2020

One of the BEST accessories a CCW owner should own

It's been a while since I received my magholder. To refresh your memory I have the Xds-9 and was the one that has surgical on my lower torso that prevents me from carrying the traditional vertical holders. I was also the one that you sent a replacement to because the first Holder didn't retain the mag and it fell while in church. What a show stopper that was... anyway,, you sent a new improved holder (had what looks like a rivet along the top) I told you I would report back. Sorry for the delay, I just completed my 103rd Chemo treatment, so things have been busy. I just wanted to let you know that I carry your magholder every day I'm out and I am so pleased with it... retention much improved, comfortable, I don't even know it's there.. Standing, sitting, bending over, not to mention much more concealable. I believe it's one of the BEST accessories a CCW owner should own. Well worth the investment... It still holds the mags as tight as it did on day one.... Now if you can build a Holster for the firearm that's just as comfortable.. :) Congratulations on a JOB WELL DONE !!!! Feel free to post this as you see fit..

Respectfully, Tim Fort Wayne, IN

May 9, 2015

I can’t say enough about your mag holders


Received the holders and used the XD one all weekend, loved it, can‚Äôt believe how comfortable it was to carry a double stack mag and not even know it was there! Held very securely and didn‚Äôt shift around on my belt. I did all kinds of outdoor chores getting the place ready for winter (ie..bending, lifting, carrying things) and never once was there any discomfort like with a vertical holster. I even tried a leather horizontal mag carrier once but the retention was poor and I was always afraid of losing it. I can‚Äôt say enough about your mag holders. I will carry my 1911 a lot more since I have a good way of carrying extra ammo now. The only suggestion I could make would be to advertise in some of the major gun magazines. I discovered your product in a review article in a ‚ÄúPersonal Defense‚ÄĚ magazine, otherwise I have never seen any adds for you holders and I think everyone should know about them.Again, thanks for a great product and I hope you come out with a XD 45 holder soon!

October 28, 2013

I am beyond impressed

Hello Mark.

I received the Mag holder this Friday, I must say I am beyond impressed. Thank you for making a solid product as we know these type of long lasting well built items are rare these days. I showed it to my best friend and he will be checking out your web site for a holder for his 9MM.Once again thank you for such a stellar product.

June 9, 2013

Thanks so much for the great product

Hi Mark,

I received my MagHolder for my .380 magazine yesterday. It was very ‚Äúrough‚ÄĚ at first (as you said it would be), but once I worked with it for a bit, it has gotten to a point that the tension is nice and it is easier to remove the magazine.Thanks so much for the great product. And when had it on, my husband didn‚Äôt even know. Great workmanship!

June 10, 2013

They work great


I received the two MagHolders for my CZ mags last week and they work great! I have 14rd 9mm mags for the P-01, 16rd mags for the 75b/SP-01 and 18rd mags for the SP-01. The MagHolders grab the magazines nicely and only release when purposefully pulled on. Ultimately, the business end of each of those magazines is exactly the same so its no surprise that the MagHolders fit all of them, but I figured I would share that anyways. I plan on doing a few different training days in the next few months where they will see some serious action and I’m looking forward to putting them through their paces

June 7, 2013

I really love it

Just wanted to drop you a note that I received the MagHolder for the m&p mag. I really love it. I swapped it out as soon as I opened the package. I can’t tell you how much more comfortable it is over a vertical carrier… Its great. The item is very nicely constructed and it slides in very smoothly……Thanks for the great communication throughout the preorder process and for a very nice product. I assure you once I show this around to all of my colleagues you will have a lot more orders to fill.

May 17, 2013

The retention is really good

The MagHolders arrived yesterday. They fit my S&lW 3913 and CS9 stainless factory mags perfectly!I’ve actually had the L-side unit on ever since they arrived. I really like it. Not only is it much more rapidly accessible than my usual mag carry method of a vertical knife case with a velcro flap, but I hardly notice that I’m wearing it. The grippy checkered pattern on the back keeps it from sliding around and the retention is really good. On a couple of my really smooth surface model 39 magazines (which are compatible with my 3913s and CS9s), I could probably shake the mag out, but I don’t use those for everyday carry so that doesn’t bother me.After trying both L/R versions, I probably won’t use the R-side carry as much as L-side, but the product itself is great. Nice work!In addition to daily carry, I’m planning to use the L-side unit at my next USPSA match and my crew will undoubtedly want to know where I got it, so I will let them know about your site.Again, I like it a lot. …Thanks!

April 12th, 2013

This is exactly what I have been looking for

Just found out about your product via Linoge on his Walls of the City blog. Please hurry with the release of your horizontal magholder for my Glock 19. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

January 31st, 2013

Keep up the good work

Just an update. My buddy Chet out here in Redding got his MagHolder before Christmas just as promised. I saw him the other day and he was giving a sales pitch to another gunner friend of ours. He loves it and so does his son who got the one for the Walther. He was showing me how fast his mag changes were with your product. You do a great job and your fan base is growing here in northern California. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

December 26th, 2012

They could not be more perfect

Though I’d let you know … I received the custom Mag Holders for my Kahr P380 and my Walther PPKS … They could not be more perfect. No rattle, easy access and so comfortable you don’t know they’re on your belt. Thanks!!!

December 26th, 2012

I totally dig mine

(This was sent from a customer who provided this additional feedback on compatibility with gun belts.)I totally dig mine, it turned out to be better than I thought it would be. The overall size really isn’t an issue, the issue was belt size. I wear mine with a 2″ Blackhawk gun belt and it works fine. It slides right off if I need to remove it but the texturing on the side next to the body gives it plenty of retention. I like that just in case I have to go into someplace that I can’t carry.

December 6th, 2012

Nigh perfect for my needs

I got my MagHolder via FedEx about an hour ago, and I have to say that your product is, as I expected, well nigh perfect for my needs, and I really like the injection-molded design ‚ÄĒ very ‚Äúpro‚ÄĚ looking piece of kit. You nailed the fit perfectly! I know you worked hard to make things right for me, Mark, and I won‚Äôt soon forget that. I‚Äôll have lots of opportunities to show your great product off, and will give you the highest recommendation to anyone that asks. I think you have a real winner on your hands, both in design and functionality, and I think you‚Äôre bringing these to market at this time is truly serendipitous. I wish you the most continued success!

December 5th, 2012

This thing is built right and is super easy to conceal

I got my Magholder two days ago. I love the fit and feel of it. I took it out to try some mag changes and it was slick! I never notice it on me. My favorite part of the purchase was the awesome customer service. Mark stayed in contact with me through email and even helped me with my order when I had no idea what I was doing. LOL He suggested wearing it a way that at the time I couldn’t even envision. But I trusted his advise and he was right. This thing is build right and is super easy to conceal. It was better than I had hoped it would be. It works well with my Black Mamba IWB holster.

December 5th, 2012