The Springfield XDS is a striker-fired pistol that comes in two calibers, 9mm and .45ACP. It has a single-stack magazine that holds up to 7 rounds for the 9mm and 5 rounds for the .45ACP. The XDS has a 3.3-inch barrel, an overall length of 6.3 inches, and a height of 4.4 inches. It's a slim and compact pistol that's easy to carry and conceal.

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The Springfield XDS is also very durable and reliable. It has a forged steel slide and barrel, a polymer frame, and a Melonite finish that resists corrosion and wear. The XDS is designed to withstand harsh conditions and maintain its accuracy and reliability over time.

In terms of performance, the Springfield XDS is a great choice for concealed carry. It's accurate and easy to shoot, with a low recoil that makes it comfortable to shoot for extended periods. The XDS also has a small profile that makes it easy to conceal, whether you're carrying inside the waistband or in a pocket holster.