The Springfield Hellcat was launched in 2019. The polymer pistol by Springfield Armory competes with other micro-compact pistols that are in the market. Quickly becoming popular due to it's quality and design the Hellcat pistol is a great choice for the concealed carry crowd.

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This striker-fired handgun has a stainless steel slide and polymer frame weighing in at 1lb 2oz. It is a great choice for those needing to conceal carry a sub compact pistol while still having an option with a grip for the whole hand as well as a larger caliber like the popular 9mm. Featuring a magazine capacity starting at 11 rounds and going up from there, this pistol is the perfect option for someone concerned about having enough rounds for their potentical personal protection needs.

The Magholder for the Hellcat pistol magazines launched about the same time that the pistol hit the market and has been one of the more popular mag pouches that we have sold. The Magholder for the Springfield Armory Hellcat uses a 2 piece setup with a metal clip to retain the magazine with the polymer body itself. The split belt clips allows for the Magholder to straddle the belt loop to help secure the Magholder right where you want it on your belt itself.