Becoming one of the more popular pistols in just about every conversation, the Sig P365 is a fun pistol to shoot and is easy to carry every day. Compared to similar micro compact pistols, the Sig P365 just feels right in your hand! 

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Depending on the model of the P365 you have, the magazine capacity ranges anywhere from 10 to 17 rounds! This pistol has become super popular among everyday carry enthusiasts that were looking for a pistol that had a higher round capacity in the magazine, but was still comfortable to carry all day. Therefore it need to be be lightweight and the micro compact pistol size. Sig Sauer first launched the P365 in 2018 and it has quickly become one of the more popular Sig pistols available. Because of its popularity Sig has continued to build out that family of pistols, including most recently with the P365 X-MACRO, which features the 17 round magazine capacity.