Ruger is an American firearm manufacturer that was founded in 1949 by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B. Ruger. The company is headquartered in Southport, Connecticut and is one of the largest firearm manufacturers in the United States. Ruger produces a wide range of firearms for both civilian and law enforcement markets, including rifles, shotguns, handguns, and revolvers. Some of their popular models include the 10/22 rifle, the Mark IV handgun, and the SR series of semi-automatic pistols. Ruger is known for producing high-quality, reliable firearms at a reasonable price.

Ruger LCP
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The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) is a small, lightweight handgun that is designed for concealed carry. It is chambered in .380 ACP and has a magazine capacity of six rounds. The LCP is a hammer-fired, single-action only pistol with a polymer frame and a steel slide. It features a fixed front and rear sight and a manual safety. The LCP is a popular choice for personal protection due to its compact size and reliability. It has a very slim profile, making it easy to carry and conceal. The LCP is also known for its durability and reliability, making it a good choice for everyday carry.