Glock/M&P/XD double stack 45cal?
We are working on that right now. Sorry to disappoint in the meantime, but we want it to be right from the start, and these models require the construction of a whole new set of molds.

Who’s the guy behind MagHolder?
I am a normal guy. I’m not a professional shooter, Special Forces operator, law enforcement, or other high-speed/low-drag type. I’m just a working professional who carries a gun.
I began looking for solutions to make this easier for my lifestyle. I am in and out of cars, in customer’s offices, and in my office daily. I need gear that carries easily, works well, and is very concealable.

Why horizontal?
That’s a really good question! So good, in fact, that we’ve got an entire page devoted to it!Check out our “Why Horiztonal?” page.

Where can I buy a MagHolder?
Check out our “Dealer Locator” page.

What if I don’t like my MagHolder?
If you don’t like your MagHolder, let us know. If we can’t make you happy or if it simply doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll refund your money. Just like MagHolder, it’s that simple.