Horizontal MagHolder for Springfield XDS pistols in .45acp. This MagHolder is a slightly modified 1911 model which allows the XDS magazine to be retained by a secure friction fit. While the 1911 model retains with MagHolders "Click Lock" retention, this magazine is retained in similar fashion to a traditional leather mag pouch, but with the close to the body fit and durability that MagHolder is famous for. Configurable options include Caliber (9mm or 45ACP) and Left or Right orientation, referring to which hand you will use to grab your spare magazine. Typically, the shooter reaches for their spare mag with the support hand, sweeping it out of the MagHolder either to the rear from the weak side, or from across the front midline in a crossdraw motion. Both positions are extremely fast but the crossdraw position allows access to the magazine from a sitting position, such as in a vehicle or theater seat.

If you are a right handed shooter, you will likely grab your spare mag with your left hand, and thus, use the "L" version MagHolder. If you are left handed, the opposite applies, or the "R" version.

There are many positions on the belt the MagHolder can be worn, so be imaginative and don't hesitate to contact us at store@magholder.com with any questions. If you have special requirements, like bullets pointing upwards, or wearing the MagHolder behind your back, shoot us a message and we will respond quickly!

When you receive your XDS MagHolder, expect the fit of your magazine to be quite snug to start. This is normal and will allow for the few 1/1000" that the reinforced nylon relaxes during the first few days of use. After a few days, the MagHolder should retain the magazine securely, but still allow the quick access for which MagHolders are known.

Pro Tip: a very light application of gun oil to the inside surfaces of the MagHolder will drastically reduce tension on the mag and allow a super fast draw while the MagHolder breaks in over the first few days.

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